Every since I moved to Santa Barbara CA, I have become totally hooked to the surfing scene that consumes the time of many residents.  We live in a beach town and are surrounded by ocean, who can blame us?! I have to admit, I haven’t hit the beach for the past 6 months or so, but as summer gets closer I can’t help but feel that old itch to jump on my board and ride a wave to paradise.  Haha not really so dramatic, but still.  Surfing is loads of fun, and it provides one of the best workouts around!  Here’s why:

  • Much of surfing is paddling.  Paddling helps build major upper body strength!  It works your core, arms, shoulders, back and neck.
  • Standing up on the board requires major balance and strengthens your abs, core and legs.  It also requires serious concentration and helps you develop hand eye coordination.  It stimulates your brain!
  • It’s a great cardio work out!  It gets your blood pumping and helps build heart strength and health.

Surfing is a great way to work out while having loads of fun!