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Running is one of the best ways to get in shape!  It benefits almost all parts of the body.  It’s one of the most popular methods of healthy weight loss.   Here are some of the reasons you should incorporate running into your daily life:

  • It strengthens your heart.  Your body has to get oxygen to all your muscle cells, and must pump blood much more quickly in order to do so.  Your heart rate increases as you push yourself harder.  Your heart is a muscle, and like any other muscle, it becomes stronger with use.  This will play a major factor in your defense against cardiovascular disease in the future, and many other dangerous diseases.
  • Sweating causes the release of harmful toxins in your body that build up over time.  This has been proven to prevent acne, and even cancer.  It’s also a great reliever of stress.
  • It burns fat!  Whether your long distance jogging or short distance sprinting, you burn extra calories/fat.  Over time, running can become a very rewarding habit to build.

Beware!  Running and jogging has been proven to put extreme stress on your joints.  Be sure not to push yourself too hard, and know when it’s necessary to take a break.  Your body is not a machine.  Part of staying healthy is knowing your boundaries.


There are some basic daily tricks to help you reach your goal as quickly as possible while staying health.  Here are the ones I try to follow every day!

– DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS POSSIBLE!!! It’s the best way to flush dangerous toxins out of your system, and it’s very important to stay hydrated 24/7- especially when dieting or exercising regularly.  It’s also difficult for the body to differentiate hunger from thirst.

-Stick to the serving size or under!  When snacking, it’s really easy to go overboard if you aren’t think about the quantity of food you are eating, especially if you are eating it directly out of the container it came in.  It’s best to set aside the exact amount you want to eat, and stick with that.

-Snack on healthy food all day long.  When you do this, it’s much easier to turn down any junk food that might pop up at any given moment.

-Walk as much as possible!  Don’t take short cuts and always take the stairs.  This is one of the easiest ways to burn calories without really exerting much effort.

-Take multivitamins.  They replenish the vitamins you use up throughout the day, and give you an extra boost of energy when you feel a little fatigued.

Over the passed few weeks, I have catapulted myself deeper into a sad little hole of unhealthy eating and excuses not to exercises.  Portion control has been thrown out the window, and the other night I had an attack of binge eating.  It was very scary, and felt awful.  I’ve gained back weight and I feel terrible and unhealthy.  I keep telling myself that today will be a good day, but I haven’t been following through.  I need something to help get me back into action, before I fall back into old patterns permanently.  Solution? Raw vegan diet.  I’ve heard a lot of things about how great it is, but I haven’t actually considered it until now.

The raw vegan diet eliminates cooked and animal products.  Cooking food causes the release of toxins and chemicals that can be toxic to the body.  It also removes essential nutrients from the food, taking out major benefits.  The chemical reaction of applying heat to the food also changes the composition and takes out enzymes that help your digestive system digest what you eat.  You’re digestive system has to produce more enzymes which causes stress on your body.  Avoiding animal products is also very beneficial, not only to your body but to the planet.  Here’s a link to see the inhumane and cruel treatment of animals in the food industry:

This diet is a great way to rid your system of harmful toxin build up do to long term animal product and chemical intake.It’s been proven to cause weight loss, heal cancer, improve energy levels and more.  I am starting my raw vegan diet tomorrow, and I am very excited but also nervous.  I really hope I can stick with it.

If anyone has any advice, I’d really appreciate it!


Black beans are great!  They are a great addition to many different kinds of foods, and I even eat them plain.  They are loaded with tons of benefits. Here are some of them!

  • They are high in fiber, which helps regulate digestive system health.  This is important because your digestive system is where your body absorbs all the good stuff from the food you eat.  It also fills you  up faster, which can stop you from eating more than you are hungry for.
  • They have the highest level of antioxidants of all beans, and just as much as cranberries.
  • They are a good source of protein, which helps rebuild muscle tissue.  They are also low in fat.

Here are some great black bean recipes!


Every since I moved to Santa Barbara CA, I have become totally hooked to the surfing scene that consumes the time of many residents.  We live in a beach town and are surrounded by ocean, who can blame us?! I have to admit, I haven’t hit the beach for the past 6 months or so, but as summer gets closer I can’t help but feel that old itch to jump on my board and ride a wave to paradise.  Haha not really so dramatic, but still.  Surfing is loads of fun, and it provides one of the best workouts around!  Here’s why:

  • Much of surfing is paddling.  Paddling helps build major upper body strength!  It works your core, arms, shoulders, back and neck.
  • Standing up on the board requires major balance and strengthens your abs, core and legs.  It also requires serious concentration and helps you develop hand eye coordination.  It stimulates your brain!
  • It’s a great cardio work out!  It gets your blood pumping and helps build heart strength and health.

Surfing is a great way to work out while having loads of fun!

One of the most important parts of sticking to a diet or weight loss plan, is allowing yourself to cheat!   If you don’t occasionally indulge in something tasty, it can become harder and harder to avoid a total break down/binge that can cancel out days or weeks of kick butt healthiness.  But there  is an art to cheating that must be followed.  When I say cheat, I am not talking about a whole bowl of ice cream or a bag of potato chips, I am talking about cheating in the healthiest way possible that still satisfies your deepest snack attack desires.  Below I have listed some of my favorite treats that I eat when I am craving something sweet or salty, but that I still eat in moderation and only on occasion.  I do my best to choose the treat that offers the most benefits with the least disadvantages.

  • Dark Chocolate! This has to be my #1 favorite treat.  It’s loaded with antioxidants which have tons of great benefits.  It triggers the release of phenylethylamine, which cause a feeling of well being, happiness, and the sensation of being in love.  It also contains some natural caffeine.  The higher the percentage of cocoa, the more intense these benefits.  The taste becomes harsher as you move up the latter, but many people get used to it quickly.  I recently upgraded to 90% percent cocoa, and I love it now!  Beware, dark chocolate is low in sugar, but pretty high in fat.  Make sure you only eat it a few times a week and stick to the serving size or under.
  • Honey! I eat a spoonful of raw, organic locally grown honey a day.  It’s absolutely delicious, and is loaded with immune system strengthening power, antioxidants, benefits for healthy skin, and remedies many different ailments.  Be sure to get the high quality organic kind, not the processed kind with added sugar and chemicals.  BEE sure to watch out, cause it’s famous for being high in natural sugar (which hasn’t been proven to be any less fattening than fake sugar)
  • Barbecue Popped Potato Chips!   My favorite brand that carries these, is Trader Joe’s.  These tasty gluten free snacks are never fried, and taste just as good if not better than baked and fried chips.  They are very low in fat, especially compared to other kinds of chips.  But keep in mind that potato is a starch, and holds very little nutritional value.

You can be healthy without eliminating things that taste good!  There are countless other tasty snack to choose from that  aren’t bad for you.  Eat them in moderation and keep on rolling 🙂

Here are some of my personal goals that I  hope to reach by the first day of my summer vacation 6/8/12, 7 whole weeks

  1. Weigh 140lbs. (lose 9 pounds)
  2. Run 3 miles without stopping
  3. Do 15 perfect push ups

Throughout this blog, I will be setting goals and creating new ones when old ones are reached.  Setting goals is very important to me.  It’s a great way to track progress over long periods of time, and knowing specifically what you want actually makes it much more achievable.  Shoot for the moon!  Set short term goals and long term goals.  Share your goals with your friends, family and other people that support you in all aspects of your life.  Having moral support is often very helpful when things get rough.

But make sure your goals are realistic.  Be sure to differentiate between short term goals, and long term goals.  A couple months ago, I set a goal to lose ten pounds in a month.  As you can imagine, this ended in disaster.  I got obsessive about every bite I took, and went against my own beliefs that calorie counting is unhealthy.  I ate too little and pushed myself too hard when I exercised.  After three weeks of this, I had lost little to no weight.  I had an emotional crash and spent a night watching unpopular Disney movies from the late 90’s, eating junk food and crying alone.  I don’t regret this, because it really helped me learn about my own limits and what my body and my mind are capable of.  Extremes are never healthy!  Also remember that not reaching a goal by the time you set is totally okay.  Give yourself plenty of wiggle room. Never plan on reaching long term goals by the exact date, because this often leads to disappointment, which leads to guilt, which lead to feelings of inadequacy, which lead to hopelessness, which leads to giving up.  NEVER GIVE UP!  Even if you spent months pushing yourself harder than you ever have, if you don’t reach your goal right away, you are still that much closer.

I know that I can reach my weight goal because I have gotten very close before.  I went all the way down from 153lbs., to 144lbs.   I celebrated by spending the next couple of weeks making excuses not to exercise, eating too much and gaining it back.  Luckily I didn’t gain it all back, so I am lower than when I originally started.  But let this be a lesson that food should never be a reward.  It’s a bad habit to get into because you’ll always end up closer to where you started than to your goal.  It’s a deadly cycle!

I will continue to give updates on my progress, and what I’m doing to reach my goals throughout the blog!  Stay tuned.

This is a picture of me, making a weird face while indulging in a sour dough clam chowder bowl in San Francisco.                                         Oh, regrets!

Calorie counting is an outdated and inaccurate method of dieting.  I am opposed to calorie counting for many reasons.  One of the biggest reasons, is because the calorie count of what you eat is totally irrelevant to the content!  You could compare the calorie count of a serving of organic peanut butter to the calorie count of a pack of Reece’s peanut butter cups, and they would be practically the same.  But if you have any sense of healthy eating, all calories aside, it should be very obvious that the organic peanut butter is the healthiest choice.  It doesn’t matter how many calories something has, what matters is in the ingredients.  Many “healthy” snacks and low calorie options are very unhealthy- they replace sugar with chemicals!  If you actually want to lose weight to “be healthy”, don’t take short cuts.  Eat real food, not food that’s extremely chemically processed, overly preserved, pre-packaged, colored, bleached, stripped of all original flavor and nutrients and coated in more chemicals.  They are low cal because chemicals don’t have calories, they are not food. In the long run, it’s weight loss snacks like these that will do more bad than good.  These chemicals have proven to be cancerous and hurt your body in many different ways.  They will not aid weight loss, they make it harder for your body to process and function.  Excessively small portions are not the way to go either.  Depriving yourself of what you need for too long is a common problem that causes many to reach a breaking point, and fall back into their old patterns and unhealthy habits.

Let go of calorie counting by replacing low cal packaged snacks with veggies and nuts!  Think about how you feel when you eat, and don’t force yourself to finish what’s on your plate.  Eat when you’re hungry- it’s okay!  Just be sure to pick the healthiest option.  Calorie counting can cause unhealthy emotional and mental stress, and feelings of guilt that are unnecessary.  You are what you eat, so don’t eat chemicals!

My name is Savannah!  I was born in Orem Utah and lived in Vancouver Washington until I was 8.  I then moved to beautiful Santa Barbara California, where I currently reside and have lived for the past 9 years.  The mere 1,010 mile difference in geographic location between Vancouver WA and Santa Barbara CA has caused my family and I to experience serious culture shock.  To move from nearly constant rain and a life spent mostly indoors, to a city where the residents can count on perfect 70 degree weather and clear skies almost every day has brought us to make serious lifestyle changes.  I am now 16 years old, and over the past year I have taken much interest in the topics of health, fitness, body image and the likes.

My freshmen year of high school I reached an all time high of 175lbs.  I only exerted energy when forced to, and I had no filter as to what or what I should not eat.  I was not health conscious in the slightest-  I did what I wanted!  On the other hand, I felt terrible 24/7.  I hated my body and I hated myself.  I’ve made some drastic changes to my lifestyle since then, and I am starting this blog 30 pounds lighter at the weight of 145lbs.  I have a very healthy non-obsessive take on weight loss.  I am very opposed to calorie counting, dieting, and excessive exercise.  I believe strongly that confidence, how you feel, and self love are far more important than the number on the scale.

I write this blog with the goal of bringing people inspiration and information. I offer a fresh perspective and new approaches to exercise, healthy diet, peer pressure, social media and my own personal journey from unhealthy, to fairly fit ;)