Many of us have been told since childhood that dairy should be a basic staple in your diet.  While it is true that milk is high in calcium, protein and lots of different vitamins and minerals, many fail to understand that the dangers of a modern glass of milk out-weigh the benefits by a lot.

Human milk serves the evolutionary purpose of providing nutrition for infants during the first 6 months of life.  Similarly, cow milk is designed for the same purpose, but for calves!  The human body is not designed to process cow milk.  There are certain proteins in dairy that we are unable to digest, and they cause the development of teeny tiny holes throughout our  intestines.    As a result, many of the nutrients in the foods we eat seep out through the intestinal lining and we don’t get all the benefits from the food that we could be.  It’s considered common knowledge that milk is high in calcium, which is good for bone and tooth health.  But what few know, is that the animal protein in dairy actually depletes the health of your bones and teeth, canceling out possible benefits of the calcium.  Recent studies show that an increase in dairy consumption could actually be linked to an increase in bone fracture.

Modern store bought milk is extremely processed, and additives are put in even before the milk comes out of the cow.  Cows are injected with hormones and given antibiotics.

Antibiotics in Milk: When a cow becomes sick, the entire herd is given antibiotics to kill off the disease causing bacteria.  The antibiotics are given to all the cows, even the ones that show no symptoms and are not ill.  Over the past 10 years, farmers have begun to give antibiotics to entire herds of totally healthy cattle to prevent possible disease.  The problem with this, is that it causes the rapid evolution of strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  These bacteria have spread throughout the world, not just on farms, but in our own homes.  We take these super-bacteria into our body, and the antibiotics that make them stronger whenever we eat dairy from cows that have been treated with any form of antibiotics.  In addition, the antibiotics cause the cows to experience a painful side effect that creates pus filled sores in the utters, and as you might have guessed, the pus ends up in the milk.

Hormones in Milk: Many cows are given artificial growth hormones to increase udder size and milk production.  When you drink milk, you ingest these hormones.  It throws off your body’s entire hormonal system.  It’s been linked to early sexual development in children, acne in people of all ages (especially teens, no surprise) and many other unhealthy conditions.

Dairy causes me to get terribly painful rashes and makes me break out whenever I eat it.  People experience symptoms of lactose intolerance everyday, but are not educated enough about dairy to make the connection.  Dairy is dangerous! For cows, and for humans.  On a certain level, all humans are lactose intolerant.  Milk does not do the body good, so stay away from it!

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